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We design, build and manage places that enhance life and lifestyle.

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Combine unbridled imagination, beautiful design and uncompromising attention to detail, and you get buildings that Egrets Group develops. Our level of quality combined with well sought out locations create destination points that our end users value and cherish.

Such detailed focus results in ROI much higher than our counterparts, as the buildings we create are sought after by tenants and users to showcase the quality and prestige of their own businesses.

Our developments ultimately serve the community in which they are built, therefore design that takes the end user experience into consideration is paramount. To do this we focus on input from the community early in our development cycle, so we can listen and learn of how we can add pleasure and efficiency to their daily lives. This focus of partnership results in the creation of destinations that assist creating treasured moments for those who visit them.

“Inclusion is the best way to understand how we can enhance every part of what we do. Inclusion of the end user in the functionality, inclusion of the tenant in the building amenities, inclusion of investors in the decisions we make.” Irfan Abji