The Egret

A Symbol of Hope

We can learn a lot from an egret. Irfan Abji, Principal of Egrets Group, has always had a strong connection with Egrets. In times of uncertainty either in personal aspects of his life or professional ones, the Egret has appeared to him and gave him a sign of renewed hope.

A remarkable sight that frequents many North American wetlands, these large birds with impressive wingspans symbolize that a time for change has come, bringing with it teachings of peace, respect, stability, and harmony. Its message is that a prosperous time is near or has arrived.

Egrets walk with their neck extended, as if always on the lookout.
They also fly slowly in the air, observing all of its surroundings closely. Beyond an observational and carefree attitude, Egrets have energetic attributes of diversity, balance, and adaptation. Egret knows how to transition from one principle to the other with confidence and great skill.

Associated with good fortune and long life, the egret symbolism serves as a guide towards being grateful as well as contentment over what one has been blessed with in life.